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  • The Misty Forest

    This is where the adventure started. The four adventures killed a panther and met each other here. There is a mist that changes, and it is believed that faeries control it. There is a very large tree (yggdrasil) about 50 times bigger than any other tree …

  • Payon

    This is a trade town, that has an Inn, potions shop, weapons shop and Bakery. This town used to trade [[Dragon Scales]] and [[Faerie Dust | Faerie Dust]]. Due to the faeries recently becoming crazy, there has been little trade for this town to do.

  • Thieves Hall

    This is under the bakery. The adventures got into it by breaking the door to the shed of the bakery. There is a long passageway, very well lit. At the end there is a door and people protecting it. [[:light-windrivver | Light Windrivver]] got hit and took …

  • Potion Shop

    This is the location where [[Neko the Potion Maker | Neko the Potion Maker]] sells her potions. There is many cats there and if someone was allergic to cats, even touching the doorknob to this place could kill them.

  • Geffen

    This is the Castle to the west of the forest. It is said that the nobles all live there. It was also the last location which [[Ivy]] was seen.

  • Shopping Post

    There is a meat vendor there that helped out the adventures to find the [[Thieves Hall | Thieves Hall]]. He has work there to do. Also there is a Flower Crown stall but they did not think any of it.

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